Wayfinding & Amenities Plan

You see above the wayfinding design that will guide Cal-Sag Trail users along the 28-mile multi-use trail, and into the communities and special places that it connects. They are 14’ tall and made of CorTen steel, which rusts to become stronger and more beautiful. The signs are modular, allowing each community and agency along the trail to showcase their highlights, and to allow trail sponsors to communicate their support.

The graphics are pulled from the Signage+Wayfinding & Development Plan, completed this fall by URS for the Cal-Sag Trail Coalition. The Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail provided the funding that leveraged a $250,000 grant from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, paying for the plan on behalf of the communities, forest preserves and park districts that make up the Coalition. We want the corridor to maximize the Triple Bottom Line benefits that the Cal-Sag Trail can return. Great wayfinding and branding are key components to a major destination trail.

cal-sag arbor 1024

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A second Durbin grant for $450,000 will pay for the construction of the wayfinding signs and trailhead arbors, and Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail is covering that match, too. The benefits to our communities and agencies will rise as the numbers of trail users rise, and from the beginning we’ve been about transforming the places along our corridor into vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities and natural areas.

Get the Wayfinding & Amenities Plan (Chapters 1–4, PDF)