Why the Cal-Sag Trail needs a Friend or two thousand:

The Cal-Sag Trail is happening because enough people chose to believe it could change our region, as well as our own lives, for the better. 


The Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail are organized around this shared belief. We're a membership-supported organization of over 1000 cyclists, runners, walkers, naturalists, businesses and organizations – even a dog musher! – who want the Cal-Sag Trail built and are having fun making that happen.

When you join Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail, you're making us stronger as a trail partner to our communities and park districts. You're giving us strength in numbers and more resources to:

  • Advocate and raise funds for amenities like benches and water fountains that make the trail more useable for more people
  • Update our on-line and printed trail maps
  • Provide a phone number and on-line resources for the thousands of trail inquiries a month
  • Distribute trail maps and posters to area libraries and bike shops
  • Help Cal-Sag communities win grants for trail construction and improvements
  • Work with trail and road projects to protect and improve the trail and trail connections
  • Exhibit at community events, partner with other organizations and groups, and talk to our neighbors and friends and community leaders about the Cal-Sag Trail, its Triple Bottom Line of benefits, and the amazing experience of exploring the Cal-Sag corridor car-free, moving under your own power!

Join us! Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization; your donation may be tax deductible. It takes a community to build and care for a 26-mile regional trail, and to make sure it continues to raise quality of life for generations to come.