The Triple Bottom Line

1. It strengthens local economies

  • The Cal-Sag Trail turns a working waterway into a waterway that works for everyone
  • Communities gain leverage with a regional trail for new residential and business development
  • More than 1.2 million people live within a 15 minute drive of the Cal-Sag Trail; businesses gain new opportunities to serve trail users, and more potential customers flowing into the community
  • Residents gain a convenient, healthy, and free transportation link to jobs and transit

2. It reinforces and protects the corridor’s natural and historical legacies

  • The Cal-Sag Trail preserves and enhances the natural and historical treasure of the Cal-Sag Channel and Calumet River and their communities
  • The trail underscores the suburban inner-ring legacy as a manufacturing and transportation hub, linking existing industry and infrastructure to the storied remnants of the Big Steel era
  • The Millennium Reserve, the most dramatic statement of the Calumet region’s new direction of environmental stewardship, anchors the eastern end of the Cal-Sag Trail

3. It improves people’s lives

  • The Cal-Sag Trail expands opportunities for recreation and healthy lifestyles
  • At 26 miles long, the multi-use trail turns a disused and ignored river front into a 3.7+ million sq. ft. health club – that’s free for everyone to join
  • Trail development along the Cal-Sag and Calumet River also opens the waterway to fishing, kayaking, birding, barge watching…