Trail Facts

The Cal-Sag Trail is 26 miles long, from Archer Avenue near Lemont, Illinois to the Burnham Greenway near the Indiana border; get the map.

The trail’s western segment, Cicero Avenue in Alsip to Rt. 83 in Lemont, opened June 2015. Sections of the eastern segment, Cicero Avenue to the Burnham Greenway, will open from Fall 2017 – Spring 2019.

Driving the progress are public & private partnerships between towns, business, and community groups working towards a Triple Bottom Line.

Trail counters in Palos Heights tallied 80,000 user trips in the western segment's first year of operation.

50% of the land required for the Cal-Sag Trail is set aside by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District for recreational use.

More than 185,000 Southland residents live within a mile of the trail. Within a 15 minute drive live 1.2 million people.

The Cal-Sag Trail is the Chicago Southland’s longest trail; it’s eight miles longer than Old Plank Road Trail, and provides trail access to twice as many communities.

The Cal-Sag Trail will take $21 million to complete – the cost of just one expressway interchange in a single community.

Federal grants are paying 80% of the costs, and in 2015 the Illinois Department of Natural Resources contributed $1 million towards construction.

The Cal-Sag Trail connects five regional multi-use trails, creating a Chicago Southland trail system that stretches more than 100 miles.

If the Cal-Sag Trail were a health club, it would be a 3.7 million square foot recreational and fitness facility that serves everyone and costs nothing join.

America’s CEOs rank public greenways second in importance when choosing a new location, just behind access to skilled workers.

Small business owners consider recreational opportunities and green space as their top priority when choosing a new location.

The Cal-Sag Trail links together three marinas, three golf courses, and six nature and forest preserves.